Convert any website into an app for your dock

Why have a tab open for each of your important websites when you can have a Mac App that sits in your dock for each one.

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Create Mac Apps 😎

Create apps for your most important websites and easily switch applications right on the dock! Saving time, reducing clutter and helping you stay on top of things.

“Sweet! Finally something to turn Overcast.fm into a Mac app”

testimonial user Tim Novis
created apps with MacOS dock in view

Use Multiple Accounts 😸😸

With multi-account support you can have an application for each of your social media and email accounts.

“Super simple to use. And you gotta love the British Bulldog branding! 😂...”

testimonial user Junaid Hussain
list of email, web and social media websites

Private Browsing 🕵️

Stay safe and secure with private browsing. Your browsing history will not be recorded and any cookies created while in Private Browsing mode are deleted after you close down your application.

“This looks amazing and solves so many of my problems!”

testimonial user Mike Lang
private browsing

Always On Top 👏

Make your app stay permanently in view and on top of all other windows. Multi-task with ease and keep an eye on news and content that's important to you. Or if you prefer watch a video while you work.

always on top window

Notifications 🔔

Get notified of new emails right on your dock. Currently supports Gmail, support for more websites coming soon.

MacOS dock badge

Personalize 🤸

Make Bulldock truly yours. Personalize your application icons and colors. Perhaps red for Gmail, blue for Facebook or even green if that works for you.

personalized title bars

So much more...

Automatic Reload

Reload pages at set intervals so you don't have to manually press refresh to get the latest updates.

Mobile browser mode

Some sites provide a better user experience when in mobile mode use this mode to gain access.

Compact Mode

Reduce clutter with Compact mode. Decreases size of application title bar and removes icon to keep everything superslim.